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Red Raveness

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[17 Aug 2008|10:56am]
[ mood | Emo ]

Hey, my internet contract is up again. So... no idea if I'll be able to keep service or not. I'm also scheduled to watch Grandy's house again, which means I'll be back at the less then dial-up house once more. Ya know, the house that can't even support chat programs? lolololol I hate being under his thumb.

I really don't have anything more to say. Might be able to get a car with his help. Wouldn't that be nice.

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-Squeeeeeeeal- [25 Jul 2008|09:51am]
So I went and saw Dark Knight yesterday with me mum. And hello, how are you girl boner? Yeah, I really liked that movie too. I know, right? Hot.

BUT. There was something that got me just as excited as I had been for Dark Knight. And I want it. Now.

Ohhh god yes.
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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy [22 Jul 2008|09:39pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

Well Grandy left for the south again, but this time mom's watching the house instead of yours truly. She plans on having a friend over while he's gone. She also managed to burn her arm making coffee. Brilliant.
Also, still no hot water. I really hate cold showers. Really.

Now for an oekaki dump.

Cut for your eyes!Collapse )

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How I make Bread [03 Jul 2008|01:52am]

Also hell yes Chrono Trigger DS game.
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Even the Flowers wear Disguise [22 Jun 2008|12:21pm]
[ mood | TIRED NOW ]

Haaaaaaaaaarg, I just woke up from a night of doom.
Two inventories. Back to back.

Yeah. I started at 8:30 PM last night, and finished 7:30 AM today. That's 11 hours of counting little itty bitty earrings and key chains and GLITTER AND PONYS AND PRINCESSES. Because they were both for Claire's. 8D HAHAHAHAHAHAH. And I've had about three hours of sleep. This rocks.

But it was a job, so I have a little cash now. Plus! The DM liked me, so even though I worked for Claire's once before, I totally have an in for working there again. That dude was cool.

One of Those DaysCollapse )
That might be a bit old, but I still like it~

And I Wondered Why ♠

[14 Jun 2008|09:42pm]
Oh man, I'm finally home.

Not living at Grandy's house... it feels SO good. I don't even mind that I still have to share a bed with Nina, cause I'm HOOOOOOOOOME.

/sob Oh internet, I missed not having to leech from my neighbors for you.

Oh! Also:
Meme!Collapse )
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Days Two and Three: A Saviour Appears! [30 Mar 2008|09:54am]
[ mood | sick ]

Sorry I didn't post the last time, I kind of forget about journals.

Lets start with day Two:
Woke up fairly early, but stayed in my room reading and staring out the window until at least noon. After that I took a walk down to the beach in jeans and a t-shirt to snap some photos and take in my great love: the Ocean. After feeling fairly lonely surrounded by collage kids wave riding and sunbathing in their size 0 bikinis I trudged back to the apartment and switched into my 'bathing suit'. This little number consists of a one piece black swimsuit and black swimming trunks. I have no desire to show off my massive thighs, so the bottoms are encredably helpful.
Sadly, I was already feeling self consious so didn't swim. I sat in the sun and gave my arm a light burn which hs started to settle into a nice tan as of today.

After getting bored I wandered back to my room and changed. Cue reading until four-ish, when we went to the hospital to see my Gammy. She looked better then I was scared she would be, and the nurse that stopped by while we were there said that they were moving her out of CVICU that evening. So after an hour or so we let her be and headed home so that my aunt would be able to get in the apartment (since she didn't have a key).

Alex arrived at roughly seven, apparently due to her plane being grounded with no where to dock until they moved another airplane that had technical problems. But eventually she arrived in casa hell to be greeted by my distant grandfather and myself. After unpacking we headed off and picked up dinner (We tried eating out, but after an hour driving it was decided that the grocery store was good enough for us.

After a brief meal of microwave dinner and mango key lime pie, Alex and I chillaxed in our room until one am, then slept.

Day Three:
Got up after eleven, and finally ate food that wasn't frozen for easy consumption. A banana looks awefully good when you haven't had normal food in days. After a quiet breakfast Alex and I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then headed to the pool. There we swam for almost two hours and burned our shoulders nice and pink. A new suntan in the making.
After swimming and showering off, we stared at our computer screens for a few hours and then went off to the hospital once more. Gammy was in a new room, with all her spitfire back. She proceded to tell us that she had started bullying the nurses and was sick of being stuck in any one place for any given time. After another hour with her she shooed us out so she could sleep and eat dinner, and we headed back to the apartment to sit around until I couldn't stay awake any more, and we slept.

God how boring. Let's hope today is a bit better. I'm hoping we can hit a second hand bookstore so I can get some new reads.

And I Wondered Why ♠

The Smell of the Sea is like Heaven [28 Mar 2008|08:06am]
[ mood | Tired ]

Hey there kittens! I'm in Florida for ten days, and I thought (since I found a not bad connection) that I'd share the journey with you. It'll be a bonding experience.

So Thursday (March 27) I was dropped off at the O'Hare Airport by my sister and her roomate/crush/Idon'tcareanymore, and I proceeded to feel lost and sad as I struggled to find where to go next. After checking in with the computer (Made my life easier) and checking in my massive amount of luggage I waited for a small eternity to have the privilege of taking off my sandals and walking barefoot in an area that must have been crawling with planter's wart bacteria. After the glory that is the security checkpoint, I found myself in what appeared to be a giant strip mall-food court. Jewelry stores across the walkway from planters peanuts? Madness.

After wandering to my boarding platform, I managed to find a clock which graciously told me I had two and a half hours to spend in that noisy corridor. Grand. So I ended up people watching and talking to Nina. A parfait may have been involved as well, the blueberries were nasty.
A great thing about waiting around? I got to see plenty of hot pilots. Like whoa hot. Heath Ledger hot. That's right ladies, hot.

After another small eternity we began boarding the plane. Being in seating area 2, my life was easy. Being in SEAT 2F, I was pretty confused for a bit. Even the tired stewardess wasn't much help. I think talking to one of her co-workers was a much better idea in her mind. But I digress. I squinched myself into my delicious window seat (with extra leg-room!) and slid my hefty laptop bag under the guy in front of me.

Take off was a blast, even though all the snow and rain prevented me from seeing anything for about an hour. Watched parts of Enchanted without the sound, since I couldn't find where to plug in my headphones. It looks like a cute movie, but I'm more excited about Rapunzel and the Princess and the Frog.

Cue landing, which was bumpy and made me think of a rollercoaster coming to a stop. Exiting the plane is nice when you're so far forwards. Did the obligatory calls to the people who were paranoid about me going alone and went looking for my terrifying grandfather. Yes, this has been m whole reason to fly to Ft. Lauderdale. Grandy and Gammy, the people I was watching house for. My Gam has been in the hospital for roughly a week after they learned she had a hole in her heart. So while my Grandy was not telling anyone she was ill, she's been in the CVICU. It seems my trip has gone from "Vacation!" to "Taking care of your grandparents!".

After along awkward moment waiting for my baggage... and driving in the car... and basically the first half of the night, we went off to eat in a little hole-in-the-wall chinese food joint where the waitress poured Grandy's beer for him and came over often to joke with us in her fair english. I wish I could have gotten a photo of the place, but I think people would have looked at me funny.

Upon arrival back to the condo, I stood on the deck and called people who wanted follow up calls, basking in the 65 degree evenings here, while the wind blew in from off the ocean. Did I mention I can walk to a private beach here? Well I can, and I plan to spend every moment I can down near the water. Bed time consisted of me playing Ragnarok for an hour or so, reading a strange book about hermaphrodites, and sleeping with my window open so I didn't sweat to death.

More updates to come (I'll try for tonight) and photos when I get home! How cool is that? I totally forgot the USB cable for my camera, so nothing right away. I'll talk to you kids later!

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Seasonal Hiatus, Ho! [13 Feb 2008|05:32pm]
[ mood | Longing! ]

Yup, I'm moving again. I'll be at my grandparent's house from now until mid spring. They don't have the internet, so you're going to have to live without me until my triumphant return!

Oh yeah! I'm looking for people to split a hotel room for ACen 2008! If you plan on going but don't have a room/don't want to pay out the nose, leave me a message! We have three people so far, but more are always welcome!

And I Wondered Why ♠

Good Morning, You Stupid Bitch. [20 Jan 2008|04:45pm]
[ mood | Sad ]

So I've been having a lot of problems getting to bed at night, and I had finally gotten to sleep after at least an hour of staring into space. Kari was sleeping and had the day off, so I really wasn't expecting what happened next.

Out of nowhere, Kari bursts into my room, waking me up and yelling in my general direction. About? Her. Laundry. Soap. Apparently she couldn't find it. And since it couldn't be her fault, I must have used it all. So God dammit, where the fuck did I hide her detergent?! Don't tell her that I never touched it, because mom already said that so OBVIOUSLY IT WAS ME.
Now I'll be honest, I whined at her and started sounding like I was going to cry. I'd only had about three hours of sleep and she broke into that after being awake around 23 hours. I didn't know what she was talking about, and I hadn't done any clothing since she'd been gone! She then yells some more, tells me she can't use our detergent because it smells like shit, and storms out of my room (complete with door slamming). I'm so SO sorry that we're on such a tight budget that we can only buy sub-par laundry soap sometimes. Not having to care for your own pets in the money department (or in affection, either) must be an awesome feeling. Obviously I deserve to get the full force of her rage for settling on such a crappy product.
So after a half hour of trying to figure out what happened and why she was mad at me, I hear her yell at my mother that she found it under some bags in the basement. Congratulations Kari, you were a complete bitch for no reason! You win the prize for being the biggest douche bag of the day.

Now I'm tired and jittery from that, and I want to go back to sleep so it can be tomorrow and she'll leave again.

And I Wondered Why ♠

[04 Jan 2008|05:50pm]
[ mood | Sleepy? ]

I think I'm a little concussed. Björn managed to head butt me twice in about a minute in the same place. It's swollen, but I doubt it'll bruise (I have yet to bruise in my life). Though it is hard to focus... which is why I think I'm slightly concussed. And I was tired to begin with. Lucky~

Also. I got me a laptop from my aunt (she bought a new one and didn't want to just throw out the old one), and I named it Death Note. Or.. well I might not keep it named that because I wanted to draw the pattern on the book onto the laptop's cover. But I'd rather not get arrested or something stupid.

... My eyebrow hurts. Damn dog.

Sweeney Todd = fucking great. It was bloody and cheesy and amazing and dark. And Johnny Depp singing + striped swimsuit = fucking sweet. I really hated the actress who played Johanna, though. Her face freaked me out. All narrow.. and bug eyed... and stuff.
Wii Tennis is godly. Playing it for three hours? Not so godly when you wake up the next day. :< Sore arm. Tennis elbow?!?!
:D Yes.

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[21 Dec 2007|02:14pm]
My Dog may have eaten a glass ornament, and there isn't a thing I can do about it.

I hope he didn't really swallow any pieces.
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[23 Nov 2007|09:34am]
[ mood | Zuhhh... ]

Why don't I remember the Wii being over $300?

When did that happen?

Christmas shopping is beyond annoying.

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Om nom nom nom [01 Nov 2007|08:09pm]
[ mood | Brar! ]

I'm home and have nothing interesting to say. Today the sheriff's department came knocking on the door (which means Björn had a spaz attack. I need to socialize him better), and I ripped off the back pocket in me camo pants trying to get to the door. Turns out all he wanted was to know if we wanted to be listed in a property repair suit. Apparently some people repairing our neighbor's drive way destroyed his auxiliary parking and left an indentation in our field. OH NOES, NOT AN INDENTATION IN OUR LUMPY FIELD. It was totally worth ruining an awesome pair of pants for. Thumbs up!

And I Wondered Why ♠

See you in November [15 Oct 2007|04:48pm]
[ mood | Annoyed and Nervous ]

Lately a lot of stupid drama-rific stuff has been happening in my life, and me leaving home to watch my grandmother's dog will not make it any easier, nor will it give me more then a couple hundred dollars as thanks. I was also planning to finally (four years isn't too long, my mother says) be able to take driving lessons, but I'm getting nervous about that as well. I should just suck it up and deal.
Lets take a moment to explain about Paul.

Paul is an old friend of my mother's. When he got divorced and evicted from his house, my mother agreed to take him in until he found a new job, and had enough money for an apartment. This was in early June, when I moved into my Gammy's house the first time. Now, four months later, he still has no job, and spends all of his time engrossed in one of the following:
Eating (Sodium enriched microwave dinners only)
Smoking (Which he does outside of either the bathroom or on the front step, allowing me to get my daily dose of cancerous poison and throat-closing allergic reaction goodness)
Sleeping (Usually with a plate of food resting on his huge stomach)

He also feeds the dogs in the evening time, which apparently is so time consuming, SUCH a drain on his energy, that he feels put upon. This is the one time he moves during the day that doesn't involve smoking or preparing food. And it's like we're forcing him to clean the entire house everyday with a toothbrush or something.
Paul also contributes 300 dollars a month from his Link card. As nice as that might be, 2/3rds of the week is spent with there being no food in the house. In fact, I've lost two pants sizes in two months from this 'diet' of one meal a day. If I'm lucky.

My mother can't figure out how to get him to leave, and at this point I wonder if we're going to have to involve some higher authority. Personally I would love to just lock him out and call the police if he makes a fuss, but I'm a nervous individual.

Wish me luck, I had better finish packing all my clothing and make a decision on taking the guitar or not. It would be nice to practice whenever I want, but at the same time I haven't paid the original owner yet, so taking it out of the house might get him in a funk. I wish I could lock my door when I leave.

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I May Need New Panties [21 Sep 2007|07:07am]
[ mood | HA-HA! ]


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[18 Sep 2007|07:40pm]
[ mood | =_= ]

No mom, lined paper is not 'good enough'. And no I don't want your terrible, yellowed, POROUS sketchbook you got for like 50 cents. It's nice that you went out of your way and avoided answering me about going out to get one until it was dark. Cause we all know you wont leave the house after nightfall.

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Mein Herr! [14 Sep 2007|07:33pm]
[ mood | Silly ]

I owned him. For serious.

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Conceived Sorrow [06 Sep 2007|06:06pm]
[ mood | Sad ]

So I'm going away for a while. Again. My grandparents are going to California to visit their son and his family and I have to house sit. I'm not sure exactly how long they'll be gone, but I know that it'll be at least three weeks. After they return they plan on driving down to Georgia and spend Halloween with one of their daughters and her family. THEN they want to drive up the coast and visit where they used to live in New Jersey. I don't know how long they plan to have me living at their place, but I can't exactly say no and have a good reason. I'll be payed (Not a lot of money, but 20 dollars a day is pretty good I guess), and supplied with groceries.
I'm not happy about this situation. I just did my best to turn the internet on, and I get to live without it again. So I wanted to let you all know that I'm going AWOL once more, and I'll miss you while I'm away. <3 I'd like it you all called me though. Wooo awesome.

And I Wondered Why ♠

[29 Aug 2007|12:46am]
So hey there. I've been doing responsible people things... like walking the puppy and class work. Oh and not eating stuff. Like.. one meal a day. Wooo. Alex comes to town tomorrow and I'll probably be spending most of my time with her. Oh and the court date. that's gonna be super fun. I'm not looking forwards to seeing Matt like this, poor guy.
Ah, but at least I have been having fun:
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